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Chess is one of the oldest and also most popular games of all time. And it can even lower your risk for dementia, according to recent research. But why is it still so hard and difficult to learn?

As a chess enthusiast myself, I set out on a mission to design a meaningful way of learning chess that is more intuitive, easier and most important of all: more fun.

As with every website project we start off with Strategy. We define clients, audience and potential leads, and focus on 2-3 main goals that this site should accomplish.

The second phase was Research. We defined how the brand will look and feel like and collect reference material. Next we figured out the visual direction for the website, created a style scape by picking out the favorite things from our collections. This set the direction for moving forward.

The outcome?

After running a small user test, more than 80% of users responded liking the visual style of the site. More than half of the users preferred to learn about chess through the website, rather than traditional means.

Mission accomplished.

The goal was to make chess learning simpler, intuitive, and more engaging, and the positive feedback received so far indicates that this goal has been achieved.

Looking at the figures we’d consider this project a real success. We made chess learning more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.

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