RÉÉ Coffee

If you're a coffee lover, you know how crucial that morning cup can be. But have you ever thought about the people who grow the coffee beans that make it possible?

Unfortunately, coffee farmers in Mexico have been receiving only a tiny fraction of the money from a coffee sale, which is barely enough to sustain their livelihoods. That's where RÉÉ Originals comes in.

A worthy goal.

RÉÉ Originals is a brand that's making a huge difference in the coffee industry by providing fairly sourced coffee that gives back a lot more profits to farmers in Mexico than regular coffee brands.

However, as a new company, RÉÉ Coffee had to overcome a common challenge: low brand awareness and the need for more leads and customers to make their business model sustainable and flourish. That's where we came in.

We had the privilege of working with RÉÉ to create a new website that reflects their mission and vision.

The approach: idea to reality.

First, we identified the goals of the new website. We needed to know what users should be able to see and do, and where the contents should be located.

Second, we collaboratively created wireframes for the website. We iterated over several design options before arriving at a great solution.

Third, we prepared a visually striking High-fidelity design that was quickly ready for development. After a few little tweaks, we arrived at a great prototype for RÉÉ's website.

The impact?

Through our combined efforts, the new website performed well and achieved a sign-up rate of over 25% on average. (One in four people who visited the site signed up for RÉÉ's waiting list.)

By providing them with an effective website and digital ad campaign, we helped them achieve their goal of generating more leads and enhancing their brand image.

We're proud to have played a role in making a difference in the coffee industry and supporting farmers in Mexico.

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